Wooly Tips

Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter Welcome!

This whimsical snowman is hanging out with his
friends and enjoying the winter day.  He can also be
applique'd in cottons. 
The pattern includes 4 small black buttons
and 28 glass beads for the snowflakes.
Measures:  26" x 22"
Pattern price: $15.00 includes shipping and handling.
For orders outside the U.S., please contact me.
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Crows & Berries ~ Table, Bed or Sofa Runner

This whimsical runner can be placed on your table, bed or used
as a sofa runner.  Applique' can also be done in cottons.
Measures: 37" x 72"
Pattern price:  $12.00
If ordering outside of U.S., please email me.
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Autumn Blessings Table Runner

This fun project measures 38" x 25" and can be made with
wool or cotton can be appliqued'.
Pattern price $12.00 includes postage & handling.
If outside the U.S., please contact me to order.
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Autumn Gathering Wall Hanging

Made with cotton backing and border and wool applique'
Can also be done in cotton.
Put tiny glass beads on the blueberries to really make them shine!
Measures 35" x 26 1/2"
Price $12.00 includes postage and handling.
If outside U.S., please contact me to order.
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Halloween Penny Rug Wall Hanging

Here is my first design made with wool.  You can also
use wool felt or cotton and applique'. 
This pattern is also on an older website of mine
where you can see other patterns that are available.
Price $9.00 includes postage & handling.
Orders outside the U.S. please contact me.
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